NAEBA Purity Test Now Availiable

July 9, 2012

NAEBA has worked in partnership with Biogenetics Services, Inc. (BGS) to create a purity test of high accuracy standards.

NAEBA started the process by attempting to use the tests that were available at that time (2010). After running several ver-sions of those tests BGS was not willing to use that technology due to a less than desired accuracy rate. BGS, then undertook the considerable effort of indentifying the specific protein based (DNA) markers that differentiate the elk and red deer species. NAEBA facilitated the collection of blood samples from members. BGS needed pure elk, pure red deer, and hybrid elk/red deer samples to create the controls needed for startup of the test. After several hundred samples for controls and test runs, BGS shows an accuracy rate of +/-95%. This purity test is considerably more accurate than any of the previous tests.

Biogenetics (SD Lab) +/- 95% accurate
SRC (Saskatchewan Lab) +/- 70-75% accurate
GenomNZ (New Zealand Lab) +/- 70% accurate

This test is giving a report of genotypes based on DNA based banding codes. The pure elk is shown by an ?EE? code. The pure red deer is shown by an ?RR? code. A hybrid is shown by an ?ER? code. This test is able to differentiate a homozygous elk or a homozygous red deer with great accuracy +/- 95%. It shows any potential red deer contributing genetics to a de-sired pure elk sample going back for several generations. It is not able to give a definitive percent of the red deer contribu-tion to the genetic sample.

As part of NAEBA’s agreement with BGS, a discounted rate schedule has been created that will give NAEBA members a 30% discount off of non-member rates.

Following is the rate schedule for purity testing.

# of Samples      List Price       NAEBA Discount Price

1-10                    $100              $70

11-20                  $90                $63

21-50                  $80                $56

51-100                $70                $49

101 or More        $60                $42

NAEBA is currently working with several state agencies to validate the BGS test for movement of elk. It is hoped to have agreements with those states by summer that would allow movement of shooter bulls using the BGS test as proof of purity.

BGS is also offering a pregnancy test at a considerable lower rate than previously seen for elk. The initial cost is $5 for non-NAEBA members and $3.50-$4.00 for NAEBA members. The pregnancy samples are to be drawn in purple top tubes and need to be overnight shipped to BGS. Purity and pregnancy tests can be performed from the same single sample, saving on shipping and blood drawing expenses.
For a sample submission form and instructions go to:

You can reach Biogenetic Services, Inc. at:
Biogenetics Services Inc.
801 32nd Avenue
Brookings, SD 57006
PH: 605-697-8500
FAX: 605-697-8507
Toll Free: 800-423-4163

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