NAEBA A.I. Certified Sires Program

The North American Elk Breeders Association implemented a level of certification for artificial insemination sires used in the industry. In response to the increase of breeding stock markets and participation of A.I. programs, NAEBA is offering this option to members to apply for this status. There is a list of criteria applicants must comply with in order to obtain certified status for their specific A.I. sire.

The purpose of certifying members' A.I. sires is to ensure any person that obtains semen from that bull has certain levels of assurance. Certified A.I. sires are NAEBA registered with a DNA profile. This would let members know that their calves can be registered and DNA matched to the A.I. sire. There have been scenarios over the years where members have purchased semen and have subsequently not been able to register their calves because the bull was not registered or did not have DNA on file.

At least once a year, NAEBA will publish a list of the Certified A.I. Sires. There is a $25 charge for members to apply for this status. Bulls can posthumously be awarded this status.


Application for approval of A.I. Herd Sires will be made on forms provided by NAEBA offices and will contain, but not be limited to, the following:
  1. Bull's registered name, registration number and DNA test number.
  2. Owner's name, address and location of the A.I. herd sire.
  3. Owner's herd registration number.
  4. Individual or company that will collect bull.
  5. Agent or company marketing the semen.
If a bull has sired calves, the applicant must complete a signed statement that no genetic defects have been observed in his progeny. No genetic defects can be evident in the A.I. Herd Sire.

Failure to comply with the above Rules and Regulations and/or failure to report observance of genetic defects in the Bull or his offspring will be cause for the cancellation of A.I. Certification.

A list of the approved "NAEBA Certified A.I. Sires" will be published by the association at least one time each year and be available by request from the offices at all times.

NAEBA Certified A.I. Sires

Bull's Name Tag ID Reg Reg Level
50 Cal.209ZA40000Gold
B402 PopeyeB402BA40627Gold
EMF Fabio317AA40771Gold
EMF Fury315AA40605Gold
EMF Kenard311AA40603Gold
EMF Midas138YA39425Gold
EMF Patriot214ZA40001Gold
EMF Rage319AA40607Gold
EMF Rebel302AA40599Gold
EMF Tiny332AA40700Gold
EMF Zeus968WA38576Gold
Frisia Daniel176BA40307Gold
KEF Cracker JackP-41NA33951Gold
King Adam23NC5797Silver
King KongY DA 15A3396Gold
King's Ransom240NA33585Gold
LLE Thor122A40074Gold
LLE Zoomer4A40038Gold
P-003X Darth VaderP-003XA41144Gold
SHR ImpressiveW 26GA27976Gold
Splendor's Blend 806U806UA39121Silver
Splendor's Ray 071X071XA39421Silver
The Toy151ZA40944Gold

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