NAEBA Breed Registry

The North American Elk Breeders Association features the only breed registry for elk in the Western Hemisphere. NAEBA members enjoy the use of the registry as a benefit of membership. NAEBA owns the registry and its information is not accessible to non-members.

The principal objectives of the Breed Registry are as follows:

  1. To provide a Registry for recording of privately owned farmed elk and elk herds in North America.
  2. To encourage the selection and control in breeding of farmed domestic elk.
  3. To promote the accurate record of parentage of pure elk in private ownership.
  4. To provide a database of performance parameters by which superior breeding stock may be measured.
The rules and goals of NAEBA and its registry programs are to provide for the growth and development of the elk livestock industry and, in doing so, provide for the interests of the Association and its members. The rules provide a framework under which registered elk herds can be managed. These rules will ensure that accurate identities will be provided for animals, purity of species is identified, and ancestral history of each animal is recorded.

The purity of the breed is fundamentally important to the progress of a breed. The improvement of a breed is rooted in its integrity of pure stock and with the blending of pure animals a breed will improve and prosper. To record improvement it is necessary to identify all animals and parentage. By identifying exceptional animals and tracking their offspring, breeders will be able to develop a breeding program that will improve the overall performance of their herds. With registered animals that have permanent identification markings, the ownership record of the animal is assured and the identity of the breeder of the animal is maintained throughout the life of the animal.

The rules are designed to protect the integrity of the breed and the individuals who raise the animals. The rules are fair and impartial guidelines, equally applicable to all members and upon which all members can depend. The rules are reasonable and their benefits and protections are numerous. In recognition of these various advantages, each member agrees to respect and obey the rules as a part of the daily operation of their elk herds.

Please see the NAEBA Registration Handbook for more details. The Handbook is published in the NAEBA Document Center.

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