North American Elk Breeders Association Political Action Committee (NAEBAPAC)

North American Elk Breeders Association (NAEBAPAC)


The North American Elk Breeders Association has added a federal political action committee to its arsenal of functions as an association. The political action committee, referred to as NAEBAPAC, now serves as an officially entity for the association to contribute to United States Senate and Congressional campaigns, when needed.

The North American Elk Breeders Association feels it is imperative to have representatives in Washington that understand there is great opportunity for the elk industry to grow if the regulatory climate will allow it. NAEBAPAC will work with resources available to support candidates that support the elk industry, agriculture and private property rights.

Formed in 2015, NAEBAPAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission and governed by a five member board of NAEBA members.


A Federal PAC is a political action committee that serves as an entity for the purpose supporting candidates in federal elections. Federal election rules make political action committees necessary and the rules must be followed closely. For example, individual citizens can contribute to their local Congressman but businesses and associations cannot. Businesses and associations must have an affiliated federal political action committee in order to do so.

Many other national and state cervid associations have either federal PACs, state PACs, or both. State Political Action Committees can only give to state candidates, whereas federal PACs can only give to federal candidates.

Because NAEBAPAC is a United States Political Action Committee, only American citizens can contribute to the PAC. Each contribution is closely recorded and contribution limits will apply.

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