2019 NAEBA Elk Marketplace Sale
August 3, 2019

Open for Breeding Stock, Trophy Stock, Meat Animals & For-Profit Semen Blocks!
All Consignments, Except for Trophy Bulls, are Due May 31!

The NAEBA Elk Sale will be open to elk breeding stock (cows, calves, cow/calf pairs, breeding bulls), trophy bulls, meat animals and blocks of semen sold for profit. The sale will take place on August 3, 2019, after the benefit semen auction. Phone bidding is available!

Multiple animals from one location can be listed on one lot and sold as a package. Admittance to the sale is first come, first serve. There is no limit on the live animal consignments per active member that may be consigned. However, the NAEBA staff reserves the right to make final acceptance of all lots consigned to help maintain the overall balance and integrity of the sale.

All guarantees are between the buyer and the seller.

Consignment application requirements:
  • All entries, except for trophy bulls, must include the consignment application completely filled out by May 31. It is not the NAEBA staff's responsibility to find stats or other pertinent info that qualifies perspective consignments. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • $100 application fee per semen lot consignment. The fee will go towards NAEBA's 8% commission. $250 application flat fee per animal per lot, no commission. In the case of a scratched lot, the application fee will not be refunded. If a consignment is not accepted for the auction, the application fee will be returned.
Consignment application recommendations:
  • Photograph of animal consigned. If the animal is female, a picture of sire or son is recommended.
  • Recent weight on consigned animal, if available.
  • List CWD, TB and Brucellosis herd status or any testing that will make interstate movement possible.
  • List the states your ranch qualifies for movement to (for example, Colorado approved status).
  • There is no limit on the amount of semen straws that may be sold in one block, but smaller blocks of five or ten seller better.
Animals shall meet the following criteria

Breeding Stock:
  • All scores listed must be NAEBA certified velvet weight or NAEBA certified hard antler score or listed as unofficial.
Trophy Stock:
  • Scores will be listed as unofficial and should be in a range of 10 inches. NAEBA does not guarantee any score, whatsoever. Any disputes are between buyer and seller.
  • Trophy bulls may be consigned until July 22, 2019.
Meat Animals:
  • Meat animals must have a weight or best estimate. Any weight discrepancies are between the buyer and seller.
  • The age of the animal(s) must be listed on the application.
For-Profit Semen Lots:
  • Blocks of semen sold for profit will be accepted for the sale. The 8% commission applies. Minimum lot size shall be five straws with a maximum size of twenty.
  • Semen bulls shall be NAEBA Gold or Silver Registered with DNA on file.
  • All scores listed must be NAEBA certified velvet weight or NAEBA certified hard antler score or listed as unofficial.
General Sale Information
  • No additional commission fee will be deducted from the final sale price of an animal lot. An 8% commission fee will be applied to all semen lots with the $100 consignment fee going towards this payment. Any additional consignment fee owed will be deducted from the final payment they receive from NAEBA.
  • Buyers will pay NAEBA in full at the close of the auction, unless the seller states other terms. Payments will be accepted by cash, check or credit card.
  • Sellers will receive full payment within 15 business days after the sale date.
  • Any terms between seller and buyer for payment schedule is strictly between those two parties and NAEBA makes no guarantees of payment if full payment is not required at sale time.
  • All sales are final. All elk are sold "AS IS". There is no guarantee of any kind as to soundness, condition or quality of any elk sold in this sale, except in the case where the owner makes a specific guarantee. In such case the guarantee is strictly by the owner and not by sales management.
  • All buyers must register for the sale and agree to the terms of sale. Upon which time, they will receive a bidding number.
  • Sale management, auctioneers, NAEBA and NAEBA representatives act as agents for the sellers, but assume no liability for either buyer or seller. Any representations made by the sales management are on behalf of the seller.
  • Each lot of animal(s) will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and in all cases of dispute the auctioneer's decision is final.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure correctness of the catalogue, however, owners, auctioneers and agents will assume no responsibility for errors or omissions and assume no liability as to any statements, either written or verbal, regarding any elk sold other than the information was given "in good faith".
  • Any known correction will be made at sale time and will take precedence over the catalogue. Buyers are encouraged to contact consignors directly for full details of animals.
  • The Seller agrees to board animals over 1 year of age for 30 days after the sale and calves for 90 days after the sale. After the above time length, boarding is negotiable between buyer and seller and NAEBA is not responsible for any additional boarding agreements between buyer and seller.
  • All arrangements for the physical transfer of the animal(s), their care, responsibility of and liability for them is to be arranged privately between the buyer and the seller. We recommend the buyer purchase insurance. All transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer, unless other arrangements are made between the buyer and the seller.
  • All NAEBA registration transfers are the responsibility of the seller, and are to be completed within 30 days after the sale.
  • All buyers agree to be bound by the above terms as well as any other conditions announced by the auctioneer. Each buyer agrees to be responsible for all charges to them. If any check given to NAEBA is not honored for any reason, it is understood that such amounts will remain outstanding and no transfer of ownership will occur until full acceptable payment is made. The buyer issuing the check or credit card may face civil and/or criminal liability.

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