Chair: Travis Lowe (KS)

Members: Ken Anderson (KS), Bill Mayes (MO), Eric Robinson (ON)


Chairman: NAEBA Treasurer Tom Peryea (NY)

Members: Andy Azcarraga (CO), Kevin Hinkebein (MO), Ian Thorleison (MB), Jon Reed (KS), Bill Mayes (MO) 

Auction & Marketplace Sale

Chairman:  Bill Mayes (MO) 

Members: Andy Azcarraga (CO), Barry Chernuka (AB), Kurt Humphrey (MO), Mike Ford (UT), Scott Downing (OH), Chip Farnsworth (UT), Rick Ewert (WI), Rick Jensen (WI), Dale Taylor (OK).  



Members: Ken Anderson (KS), Floy Kenyon (IA)               


Chair: Kevin Hinkbein (MO)
Members: Barry Chernuka (AB), Gary Berhorst (MO), Chad Lawler (ND)


Chair: Eric Mohlman (NE)

Hard Antler Chair: Tom Watts (NM)

Velvet Antler Chair: Lance Hartkopf (MN)

Velvet Antler Vice-Chair: Perry Olson (MN)





Chair: Jon Reed (KS)

Central Rep: Kevin Hinkebein (MO)
Northern Rep: Ian Thorleifson (MB)
North Central Rep: Brian Wagner (MN)
Southern Rep: Charly Seale (TX)
Western Rep: Andy Azcarraga (CO)

February Fling Planning

Chair: Taylor Lowe (KS)

Vice-Chair: Travis Lowe (KS)

Members: Dale Taylor (OK), Jason Parrish (OK), Neal Melton (TX), Kevin Hinkebein (MO), Bill Mayes (MO), Brenda Hartkopf (MN), Rachel Nincehelser (KS) 

Government Relations

Chairman: Travis Lowe (KS)

Members: Jim Byrne (MN), Jaques DeMoss (MO), Chip Farnsworth (UT), Bill Mayes (MO), Ian Thorleifson (MB)


Market Report

Co-Chairman: Ian Thorleifson (MB) & Perry Olson (MN)


Meat Industry

Chairman: Rich Forrest (CO)

Members: Andy Azcarraga (CO); Rodney Miller (KS); Scott Solonek (MN); Kevin Hinkebein (MO); Henry Bohlen (IA)


Chairman: Ken Anderson (KS)


Velvet Policy Committee

Chairman: Brian Wagner (MN)

Members: Andy Azcarraga (CO), Scott Groen (MN), Lance Harkopf (MN), Eric Mohlman (NE), Dr. Glen Zebarth (MN)

Vision Committee

Co-Chairs: Travis Lowe (KS) and Bill Mayes (MO)

Antler Competition Rep: Eric Mohlman (NE)

Breed Registry Rep: Bill Knutson (WI)

New Elk Rancher Rep: Matt Harmon (IL)

ERF Rep: Dr. Glen Zebarth (MN)

AEPF/CEPF Rep: Scott Salonkek (MN)

At-Large: Ian Thorleifson (MB) and Ken Anderson (KS)

Past President: Andy Azcarraga (CO)

Convention Planning

Chair: Taylor Lowe (KS)

Vice-Chair: Travis Lowe (KS)     
Members: Brian Wagner (MN), Mark Ludtke (MN), Eric Mohlman (NE), Jennifer McCrystal (KY), Brenda Hartkopf (MN), Rachel Nincehelser (KS) 

Registration / Purity

Chair: Bill Knutson (WI)

Members: Brian Wagner (MN),  Barry Chernuka (AB), Andy Azcarrga (CO), Eric Mohlman (NE)

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