NAEBA Registration Office Changes Address to Minnesota Main Office

September 25, 2019


For all registry work needs moving forward, please use the following address:

North American Elk Breeders Association
9086 Keats Ave SW
Howard Lake, MN 55349
PH: 320-543-3665   Fax: 320-543-2983

Tena Martin will continue to do the registry work for NAEBA on a contract basis out of Howard Lake, MN. Her new phone number will be forwarded soon. In the meantime, all communications should go through the Howard Lake main office. 

NAEBA forms online have been updated and are available on our website by logging in the “members only section”. Please do not send mail to an office address in Kansas City. NAEBA hopes this change by consolidating office addresses to the single address in Minnesota will be easier for the membership.

Please be mindful of registry work timeline expectations as stated below and previously circulated to the membership. We ask members to remember to think ahead for registry work needs. NAEBA has NO ability to process orders from start to finish in the same week. Contract agreements for registry work do not provide this ability.

Please see below for a reminder of registry work timeline expectations.

Registration and Testing Fees Effective March 1, 2019
Animal Registrations: Animal registration is $25 USD for calves registered by December 31 of the following year. (For example, a 2018 calf can be registered for $25 until December 31, 2019 and a 2019 calf can be registered for $25 until December 31, 2020).  All other animal registrations are $35 USD.
 For DNA work: DNA testing $44.
 For Purity work:  Purity testing $85. 

Fee Applied to Rush Registration Orders Effective March 1, 2019 
An additional fee is applied to NAEBA members that request expedited work.
Effective March 1, 2019, in the event a member needs expedited work faster than the published expected response times, NAEBA can request expedited work of vendors without guarantee of a completion date, for an additional fee of $25 per animal in the order. NAEBA urges members think ahead to request registry work before it's needed. 

Below are the posted timelines for expected response times for general work: 
Animal Registration
 (from day sent in, with no data missing, to results in mailbox) - 4 weeks 
Animal DNA Kits - 3 weeks 
Animal DNA Results with Registration - 8 weeks from when the hair samples are submitted to the UC Davis Lab 
Animal DNA Retests - 6-8 additional weeks 
Genotyping - 6 weeks off existing samples, 8 weeks from when the hair samples are submitted to the UC Davis lab
Purity Packing Slip - 3 weeks
Purity Results - 4 weeks

Incomplete/Illegible Paperwork Will be Sent Back to Producer or Charged a Fee for Completion
Effective March 1, 2019 in the event that incomplete or illegible paperwork is sent to the NAEBA office, staff will contact the member asking if they want it to be sent back for them to complete and resubmit OR staff can give a best attempt to complete it using its resources with a $75 flat fee that will cover up to one hour of work, with additional work charged at a $75 hourly rate. 

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