Major Victory on Cervid Semen Import/Export Rules

February 27, 2018

The North American Elk Breeders Association is pleased to announce a major victory in its import/export advocacy efforts. Over the lasts several months, NAEBA has worked with USDA APHIS' import/export team and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in hopes of making commerce easier for cervid semen sales across the international border.
Specifically, NAEBA requested to amend CFIA's import rules for cervid semen protocol by deleting the thirty-day waiting period to ship frozen semen of farmed cervids from the United States to Canada. For years, elk bulls in the United States have been collected for semen but owners have had to wait thirty days before the collection could be shipped to Canada. NAEBA told USDA APHIS and CFIA the thirty-day waiting period is mathematically prohibitive for an American elk rancher to collect semen on their breeding sire in September and still sell it to Canada for use in the same year. NAEBA explained the thirty-day waiting period pushes past the A.I. breeding season. For reference, no such waiting period exists from Canadian bull collections shipped to the United States.
After negotiation, USDA APHIS has informed NAEBA that CFIA has dropped the thirty-day waiting period completely. The changes are now in effect and protocol has been revised on APHIS' website. 
"This is outstanding news and we appreciate the change," NAEBA Executive Director Travis Lowe told the Board of Directors. "Our members in both Canada and the United States feel this requirement is unnecessarily burdensome and hampers commerce between the two nations. This change goes a long way to level the playing field and make commerce easier for our industry."
This change is now NAEBA's fifth import/export victory since the association has focused on eliminating unnecessary rules for trade in both directions two years ago. More requests are in the works.
"We have a lot of members that will really celebrate this change," Lowe continued. "Between these import/export changes and the progress on the Brucellosis front, we hope members see the value NAEBA is providing and why it is important to keep it strong."
Please see this link for complete revised protocol. 

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