Azcarraga: Plan Ahead for Registration Work

September 19, 2016

Information on Expected Response Times for Elk Registry Work from Registration Office

HOWARD LAKE- A common discussion topic among NAEBA members is the response time for registration services from the Registration Office in Kansas City.  A great deal of work runs through this office, which includes DNA requests, CWD genotype tests, purity requests and general registration of animals and transfers. 

A common misconception is the Registration Office in Kansas City is part of the NAEBA office itself.  The Registration Office in Kansas City is actually subcontracted by NAEBA to a major Hereford association, which employs both Tena Martin and Katrisha Shoup.  Tena and Katrisha have handled elk registration duties for a long time.  This has been subcontracted for years because the amount of registration work is significant but not enough to require or sustain an additional NAEBA staff member.

The NAEBA Office in Minnesota handles other association duties but commonly receives calls from the membership regarding status of registration service requests. 

NAEBA wants to remind members to plan ahead on service requests and allow for expected response times as follows:

  • Animal Registration (from day sent in with no data missing, to results in mailbox) - 4 weeks
  • Animal DNA Kits - 3 weeks 
  • Animal DNA Results with Registration - 8 weeks from when the hair samples are submitted to the UC Davis Lab
  • Animal DNA Retests - 6-8 additional weeks
  • Genotyping - 6 weeks off existing samples, 8 weeks from when the hair samples are submitted to the UC Davis lab
  • Purity Packing Slip - 3 weeks 
  • Purity Results - 4 weeks

These times are derived from the contract NAEBA has with the Registration Office and the other labs.  For example, once the Registration Office receives a request from the member, they have 15 business days to perform the order. Depending on the order, the request may then go to the DNA lab in California or the purity lab in South Dakota. Each lab has additional time allotted to perform the order in their contracts with NAEBA. This is added to the 15 business day window allotted to the Registration Office. 

Once a member adds mail time to send the original order to the Registration Office and mails back, it equates to at least four weeks before the order is fully completed best case scenario. This assumes the paperwork was initially filled out correctly, which is sometimes not the case.  If, for example, the request is missing information, this will slow down the process until the breeder can supply the missing data.  For DNA testing, if the sample does not match any of the sires and/or dams listed on the order, the breeder must supply alternate parents, the sample goes back to the end of the line and the process starts over.   

NAEBA has recommended to members in multiple publications to start the process early to ensure the orders are completed when the members need them.  Emailing and/or faxing requests can save time, too. 

NAEBA President Andy Azcarraga offered the following statement on registration services:

“Our members need to plan ahead for registration work. This will reduce stress for you and the staff.  People usually have a good idea of which animals they need to DNA and which bulls they need purity tested.  People cannot expect 2-3-day response times, especially with complicated processes such as DNA or purity testing.”

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