Minnesota Elk Breeders Association Featured on TV Interview

October 14, 2014

Brian Wagner, one of the American Cervid Alliance's Councilman representing the Minnesota ELk Breeders Association and Brenda Hartkopf are featured on a TV interview discussing the rising elk industry.

New Push for More Minn. Elk Farmers as Meat Prices Skyrocket

Created: 10/13/2014 8:47 PM KSTP.com
By: Joe Mazan

You've probably had a burger or venison, but how about elk? Right now, there's an unprecedented demand for elk meat creating a shortage and prices to double in the last five years.

The Minnesota Elk Breeders Association is trying to meet that demand by trying to get more people into the industry.

They've launched a new website hoping to attract new farmers into the field.

"Elk really are America's greatest animal and the products they produce are healthy. They're good for and are quality products," said Brenda Hartkopt with MEBA.

Minnesota is top of the nation in elk farms with nearly 150 farms, raising more than 4,200 elk across the state.

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