ACA CWD Live Test Research Project

December 18, 2013

With the recent CWD positive animal found in a Wisconsin hunting ranch, we all are realizing the importance of a live CWD test.  With a live CWD test, CWD will no longer be a disease that threatens our industry like it currently does.

During the last American Cervid Alliance council meeting, leaders discussed the possibility of a live test and the benefits it could bring to the industry.  We have found a research facility that is developing a blood test to detect CWD in an infected animal and they are also conducting research to determine how soon after infection can they detect the disease with a blood test.
This research is well underway and is looking very promising, but more funds are needed to validate a blood test as a live test for CWD.  The ACA is proposing that each cervid farmer in North America donate at least $5.00 per animal to further the live CWD research.  In order for this fundraiser to be successful, we need everyone who raises cervids to donate to the cause whatever they can afford to donate.

The following platinum, gold, silver, bronze and Patron sponsorships are available.

Platinum: $25 per animal
Gold: $20 per animal
Silver: $15 per animal
Bronze: $10 per animal
Patron: $5 per animal

All funds generated for this project will be earmarked and will be used only for CWD research.  An accounting of all the donations will be posted in publications and the ACA Website on a regular basis.  Everyone who donates to this research will be recognized and be furnished with a financial statement.

Donations for this project can be made in two different ways.  Donations can be made directly to the American Cervid Alliance (ACA) or The Wisconsin Cervid Farmers Foundation (WCFF). The Wisconsin Cervid Farmers Foundation a 501c3 foundation of the Whitetails of Wisconsin association.   For the folks who are fortunate enough to need a tax deduction for 2013, there is still time to write a check to qualify for this year's taxes!

Please mail contributions to: payable to either designation

American Cervid Alliance
4985 West Blue Hill Rd
Ayr, Nebraska, 68925

Thank you in advance for your support

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