ADWA Announces Campaign to Dispel Myths on CWD

July 5, 2012

The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA) is proud to announce
plans for a new informational campaign to provide sportsmen with the
truth about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and dispel the myths
surrounding the disease.

The new public service campaign will
include PSA ads for print, Internet, billboards, video spots, and a new
website —

“In the recent
demonization of the deer industry, some hunting organizations and
wildlife professionals have intentionally incited fear among hunters
about CWD. They have even suggested that a state’s entire deer herd
could be wiped out from a massive contagion of CWD,” says ADWA President
John Meng.“This type of incendiary rhetoric is blatantly false
and is closing down wildlife commerce and ultimately shutting off
opportunities for hunters.”

The centerpiece of the campaign will be a new website at,
scheduled for launch next month. The site will focus on generally
perceived myths about CWD and provide facts so sportsmen can stay better
informed about a disease which seems to have more impact on national
headlines than it does on the actual deer population.

has never been one documented case of a herd (wild or farmed) being
lost due to a contagion of CWD so we have to get past the propaganda,”
adds Meng. “When you realize that raising deer can simultaneously
educate and inspire our youth about the outdoors, give economic hope for
family farmers, bring jobs to industry-starved rural areas, provide
conservation funding, and help preserve our American outdoor traditions,
the deer industry should be welcomed by all sportsmen.”

The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization
working to promote the deer and wildlife industry and to preserve our
American outdoor traditions. As a part of its public education efforts,
ADWA sponsors the Points Report, a full-color quarterly newsletter
providing industry news and commentary; Spikes Magazine, a semiannual
youth publication; website, a comprehensive search
engine for hunting ranches, game preserves and outfitters; and, an online directory and classified ad service for
the deer and exotic ranch industry. ADWA also sponsors Keith Warren’s
Deer & Wildlife Stories, a nationally broadcast television program
on the Pursuit Channel, and the Outdoor Patriot
(, a monthly podcast which features commentary
and industry guests.

To support the upcoming CWDMyths campaign or
for more information about the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance,
visit or call 512.778.6292.

Headquartered near Austin, Texas, the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a
non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of the deer and wildlife
industry, and to help educate the public and youth on conservation and
wildlife issues. For more information on ADWA, call 512.778.6292 or


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