NAEBA to Hold Official Antler Scoring Center in Kansas on July 31

July 24, 2020

In light of the cancellation of NAEBA's 2020 Annual Convention in Colorado Springs due to pandemic meeting limitations, NAEBA is offering an opportunity for members to obtain official scores for hard antler and official weights for sets of velvet. A scoring center will be open to members on July 31, hosted at Muddy Creek Whitetails Ranch, located in Meriden, Kansas, just outside Topeka.

Members will be able to check in and drop off antler sets at the Scoring Center on July 31 from 8:00AM-12:00PM with the intention of scoring to be concluded by 5:00PM. All existing rules for antler entry must be followed, including Gold or Silver registration papers, photos of the bull wearing the antler set with visible ear tag and the $35 USD fee, with no exceptions.

Understanding travel restrictions for many members, NAEBA is not holding a 2020 International Antler Competition. There will not be any 2020 International Champions named in any category and no antler awards, including Premier Breeder or People's Choice Awards, will be given. The Scoring Center is simply an opportunity for members that can feasibly travel to receive an official score for sets that may be used for NAEBA advertising, marketing or their own purposes. Thus, there will not be an International Antler Competition Results publication mailed to members, however, NAEBA will print the list of official scores in the November 2020 NAEBA North American Elk Journal, sorted by ranch in alphabetical order, without any notation of rank against other sets submitted for scores.

The 2020 Scoring Center application for bulls is available on the website's competition page to print and have completed at the time of entry. 2019 hard antler sets and 2020 velvet sets are eligible for official scores and weights, however, Breeder's Three entries will not be allowed, as that is centered around the Competition. NAEBA's Senior Hard Antler Judge Tom Watts will lead hard antler measuring.

Muddy Creek Whitetails is located at 8721 NE Brown Rd, Meriden, Kansas. NAEBA thanks Andy and Katie Petesch, owners of Muddy Creek Whitetails Ranch, for graciously hosting NAEBA during this unprecedented time.

For any other questions regarding the Scoring Center, please contact Competition Committee Chair Eric Mohlman at 402-469-1831.

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