Elk Transfer Special Price for a Limited Time

January 1, 2018

NAEBA Offering a “Two for One Price” Promotion for Elk Transfers from
January 1-February 28, 2018

NAEBA is offering a promotion to increase elk transfers on animals sold by the membership. From January 1- February
28, 2018, NAEBA will allow a “two for one price” special for requests received by the office during that time. For
example, if a member sends in eight transfers, they will only be charged for four if they are filled out correctly.
The NAEBA Board of Directors approved the Registration Committee’s recommendation for the special pricing during a
recent board meeting. The committee noted elk transfers are required upon change of ownership by our Breed Registry
Rules. Failure to properly transfer the animals erodes credibility of our registry and can be problematic for several
reasons, especially down the road.

The application for transfers is on the back side of the original Registration Certificate for the animal. The certificate
must be signed by the seller, and mailed to the NAEBA Registration Office in Kansas City. A new certificate cannot be
issued unless the seller forfeits the old certificate.

The regular price for an elk transfer is $20. Please take advantage of this opportunity! 

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