2018 NAEBA Auction Services Now Open for Bids

August 31, 2017

Submit Bids to NAEBA Office by September 30, 2017
Several of NAEBA's members provide auction services across the continent at various auctions, livestock sales and non-profit association fundraisers. Many of these members have actually provided auction services for NAEBA events, including but not limited to the annual convention fundraiser, elk sale and semen benefit auctions. For next year's convention and March Mingle, as several members have approached the association about providing this service for NAEBA events, NAEBA is going to allow interested parties the opportunity to bid for the jobs.
NAEBA's 2018 Annual Convention and International Antler Competition will take place on August 2-4, 2018, Fargo, North Dakota. This event will feature the annual Friday Night Fun Auction with the annual Benefit Semen Auction and annual Elk Sale on Saturday night. NAEBA's 2018 March Mingle will take place on March 9-10 in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City) and will feature a fun/benefit auction and a benefit auction for the state associations.
The bid proposals can be for both events or just one specific event. NAEBA will allow anyone interested in providing auction services for one or both events to contact the association with their proposal.
 NAEBA has had a rich history of having outstanding auctioneers at both the convention and winter/spring event. NAEBA is opening the auctioneer services for bidding to ensure all interested parties have a fair opportunity to assist the association with their unique craft. Moreover, as NAEBA is a not-for-profit organization, we are always working to keep overhead expenses as low as possible while executing a successful auction. Please note that auctioneers will be selected that can provide the best perceived auction for the association, not necessarily the lowest bid.
Any interested member can submit their bid in writing to the NAEBA Office by September 30, 2017.
Please ensure your proposal includes the following information:
 1) Your proposed fee (if any)
 2) Any amenities required (registration comp, travel, etc.)
 3) Number of years of auction experience
 4) Other auction services you have provided for NAEBA in the past, if any
 5) Other auction services you have provided in the last calendar year, if any
 6) Other auction services you have provided for benefit or association auctions, if any
 7) Do you have internet bidding capabilities? Is there an additional charge? Is there a buyer's premium charge?
 9) Do you have internet streaming capabilities? Is there an additional charge? Is there a buyer's premium charge?
 10) Do you have ring men available? Is there an additional charge?
11) Please submit any video or audio recordings to provide samples, if possible
12) Please list at least three references
Please submit proposals or questions to info@naelk.org. The deadline for proposals is September 30, 2017.
NAEBA respectfully thanks everyone for their interest.

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