NAEBA Creates New Membership Level for Veterinarians

August 15, 2017

During the 1990’s there were dozens of veterinarians involved with NAEBA and the elk industry. Recently, many  members and veterinarians have noticed that many of these knowledgeable veterinarians are retiring. This could result in losing decades of elk health knowledge in the coming years with no plan in place to retain or replace this knowledge and experience. 
NAEBA wishes to offset this reality by ushering in a new wave of veterinarians to become more interested in the elk industry. These veterinarians can work closely with their elk clientele but also the existing veterinarians that are  knowledgeable of the industry.  NAEBA has been told these veterinarians are willing to help mentor new veterinarians that have an interest in learning more about treating elk and deer. 

To help cultivate this interest, NAEBA has approved the creation of a new DVM membership level to the association that is open to DVM’s and veterinary students that do not raise elk but support the elk industry and/or service elk  clients. The membership level will be non-voting with dues scheduled at $50 USD.  The membership level is effective now. 

“We see this as a good opportunity,” said NAEBA President Andy Azcarraga.  “It behooves producers to want their vet to know as much about elk as possible. They can’t always be treated like cattle. If they are a NAEBA member, they will get all of our news, articles and updates on research from the Elk Research Council.”

As the NAEBA Board approved the new level, several indicated they would personally pay for their veterinarian to become a member. 

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