Manitoba’s Extra Quarantine Removed

July 14, 2017


NAEBA Scores Another Import/Export Victory

Today, NAEBA received word USDA APHIS has removed the requirement for the extra 60-day isolation for cervids originating from Manitoba.

Last fall, NAEBA offered a resolution in the Import/Export Committee at the United States Animal Health Association conference to amend USDA APHIS' live import protocol for cervids from Manitoba that enter the United States.  USDA APHIS had a specific TB requirement for Manitoba animals that adds additional isolation time. Although TB surveillance programs are mandatory for cervid ranches in Canada, a negative TB test is still required before farmed cervids can be moved from Canada to the United States.  For farmed cervid farms in Manitoba, APHIS requires the animals to be isolated as a group for at least 60 days prior to the TB test.

NAEBA’s resolution recommend amending the APHIS import rules to eliminate the extra 60-day isolation period for the Manitoba animals.

"Today’s news is another step in ensuring elk regulations are based off science,” said NAEBA Executive Director Travis Lowe.  “NAEBA is closely reviewing import/export rules for moving elk in both directions of the international border. We want to eliminate what does not make sense. In the last year, we have made progress in both directions.”


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