2017 NAEBA March Mingle Seminar Previews

January 2, 2017

Denver, CO


SEMINAR: Roundtable Discussion on Elk Nutrition-Moderated Travis Lowe, NAEBA Executive Director. NAEBA staff will lead the discussion and ask attendees about their nutrition programs. Are you practicing good nutrition habits in your herd? What can you learn from others? Bring your questions!

SEMINAR: What are Trophy Ranches Looking For? A Summary Report- Andy Azcarraga, NAEBA President. This seminar dives into the supply and demand issues for different sizes of elk trophy bulls. What trophy bull sizes are in the highest demand? Is there a surplus of any sizes? Does it vary by region? Trophy ranches across North America have provided NAEBA insight to those questions and others in this first of its kind summary report seminar.

SEMINAR: Domestic Elk Product Marketing- Andy Azcarraga, AEPF Chairman & Ian Thorleifson, CEPF Chairman. The American Elk Products Foundation and Canadian Elk Products Foundation are focusing on the domestic marketing of elk and elk products. Find out the latest effort of both of these foundations. Marketing is crucial to increasing demand.

SEMINAR- 2016 Trade Mission to Korea and China- Connie Seutter, Canadian Cervid Alliance. NAEBA supports the ongoing trade missions to the Far East to open global commerce for elk products. Connie Seutter shares a progress report from the recent trip to South Korea and China. There is good news!

SEMINAR: CWD Live Test Trials-Dr. Tracy Nichols, USDA APHIS. What is the status of live CWD testing for elk? For deer? One of USDA APHIS' top researchers will share the latest information in the mission to acquire an ante-mortem test for CWD. The progress in the last year alone is amazing.

SEMINAR: Managing Calving Problems-Dr. Glen Zebarth, Douglas County Animal Hospital. Every ranch has most likely experienced an elk cow with birthing problems. When it happens, time is of the essence. Dr. Glen Zebarth shares the Do's and Don'ts on how to deal with calving problems. This seminar could mean the difference in keeping the calf and the mother alive!

SEMINAR: Sight Scoring Hard Antler Bulls-Tom Watts, NAEBA Senior Hard Antler Judge. Have you ever tried to guess what an elk bull scores in the pasture? We all have! Tom Watts will share tips to better estimate scores. The seminar has numerous examples of different bull sizes and explains the consistent antler characteristics that help equate score. Antler trends by age, number of tines, tine length, mass, width, flare... it's all here!

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