Volunteers Needed for NAEBA Booth at National Western Stock Show

September 26, 2016


Booth Volunteers May Sell Their Own Elk Products While Promoting NAEBA

HOWARD LAKE- The North American Elk Breeders Association has been successful in its bid to become a participant in the 2017 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) based in Denver, Colorado.  The NWSS is one of the largest agribusiness gatherings in North America and is expected to attract over 650,000 visitors over its 16 day run from January 7-22, 2017. Most western and mid-western states have numerous agriculture visitors, as do several Canadian provinces. 

NAEBA has been licensed to use SPACE 26 within the Stadium Arena located near many concession stands. The Arena hosts the popular events such as the Junior Livestock Exhibitions, Mutton Bustin', The National Hereford Association Sale and the Stock Dog Trials. The good news is the site is on the main walking route between the very large Education Building exhibits to the North and the main Denver Coliseum building to the South, and is hence, a very busy area.   The bad news is that the space is relatively small, being an 8 foot by 13-foot area underneath the concrete bleachers along the walking route. However, due to the high competitiveness of the stock show application process, NAEBA is proud to have its foot in the door and be back at the show.

NAEBA needs volunteers to staff our booth continually through all the show hours.  This is a preliminary request for volunteers on a first come first serve basis.

 Set up starts at 8 AM every morning with NWSS visitors arriving at 9 AM.  On Sunday through Thursday the booth MUST be staffed from essentially 8:30 AM to 8 PM.  On Friday and Saturday, the hours will need to be 8:30 AM to 9 PM.  Closing day (1/22) will end at 6 PM.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO STAFF THE BOOTH FOR ALL THESE 12 to 13 hour days as one continuous work shift, however at this point in time we cannot guarantee any particular days for you.  Preference will be given to people with less flexible schedules.  Details will be forwarded once an interest is expressed.

For the NAEBA booth, a minimum of two people must be available each and every day, with a third and perhaps a fourth person on weekends, which usually have a very abundant local tourist traffic.  The Association's preference would be for a husband-wife combination to serve for two consecutive days of the Show (effectively 8 pairs), however singles may also be viable.  The third and fourth person can be individuals willing to work at least two consecutive days, but perhaps could be split shifts.  All personnel schedules will be created from interest expressed to this email release. PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY WITH YOUR INTEREST TO SERVE.

 Please respond to Brenda at the NAEBA office at info@naelk.org AND TO Rich Forrest at Antler333@gmail.com.  Please specify the names and number of people volunteering in your group, and the dates that work best for you. However, due to strong pressures on some days, we cannot guarantee the dates you will be assigned.  The sooner we have enough volunteers, the sooner the schedule of assignments will be announced.  Selections will be made on a first to volunteer, the first to receive date assignment.

 NAEBA will procure local hotel accommodations for prospective volunteers.  Further, NAEBA has requested the NWSS management that we have the ability to sell NAEBA paraphernalia, as well as individual member products such as elk souvenirs, snack foods and pet treats.  While electricity will be available, no on-site prepared foods, nor cold storage products will be offered.  Individual products are the sole responsibility and liability of the selling member. However, such permission to sell can only be granted by NWSS management. 

In your volunteer request, please specify what you wish to sell to the NWSS visitors and for which you will receive the money there and then.  All sales finalized at the NWSS will be subject to the appropriate City of Denver and State of Colorado sales taxes and will need to be tabulated and presented to NAEBA daily with the appropriate sales tax remittance.

Time is of the essence as the Stock Show is just over three months away and much advance planning is needed.  Please respond with your expression of interest ASAP.

Thank you,
Rich Forrest,
NAEBA Stock Show Committee Chair

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