NAEBA Launches "Eat More Elk "Website

August 20, 2016

NAEBA Launches "Eat More Elk "Website

Website to Serve as Connector to Elk Producer's Products with Public; Work in Progress 

HOWARD LAKE- A website has been created to connect the public to elk meat products produced by NAEBA members.  "Eat More Elk", located at, has been created by the North American Elk Breeders Association to be powered by its two new marketing foundations. 


As NAEBA, the American Elk Products Foundation and the Canadian Elk Products Foundation promote the elk industry's products, the public needs places to connect them with the product. NAEBA has its own website but is geared more toward membership services rather than a public information site. 

The website will list elk meat products that are sold in restaurants, convenience stores, farmer's markets and the internet which are produced by those who support the new foundations.  The AEPF has already implemented a new voluntary check off system for suggested support, but any donation, regardless of amount, will qualify.

"We want this to get big," said Andy Azcarraga, who serves as chairman of the American Elk Products Foundation. "When the public searches for elk meat, this site can come up and provide them lots of options for whatever state or province they reside in."

Contributions and product listings can be sent to or

"If everyone participates it will get big and can even be expanded to become the epicenter of where to get these products," Azcarraga added.

Other similar websites for other elk products, such as velvet products, are currently under development and will be online later this year. 

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