ACTION ALERT! Comment on the USDA Proposed TB & Brucellosis Rule Now!

April 24, 2016

NAEBA Is Requesting All Members Comment on the USDA Proposed TB & Brucellosis Rule Now! 
The North American Elk Breeders Association has identified several major concerns in the USDA's proposed TB and Brucellosis rule for cervids, cattle and bison. Though several species are included in this document, each species family will have its own set of rules. 
As currently written, NAEBA, along with other cervid industry associations, have deep concerns regarding several proposed changes. To the USDA's credit, this proposed rule was written six years ago and it has finally cleared the process so this does not reflect their most recent rationale. Having said that, NAEBA will be requesting several changes to be made in order to prevent major disruption in interstate commerce. It is important to remember that this rule applies only to interstate movement.  Intrastate movement (within the state) will still be administered by your state regulatory agency. Until now, states have individually set guidelines for interstate movement, though this new federal rule will set minimum rules that states must comply with as the new law of the land. 

Please see below for several of the major concerns that can impact the elk industry. 
We need you to submit a public comment citing one or more of these concerns and a quick reason why this is important to you.The public comment period ends May 16, 2016.  After the comment period ends, the USDA will consider submitted comments and publish their final rule. 
Some of the proposed changes are unprecedented and we must be on record opposing them. 
Please click this link to view the list of concerns. 
Please review and post a comment in your own words on how this may impact your business. Feel free to offer suggestions to improve the specific language as well. 


Federal Rulemaking Portal: Go to:!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2011-0044

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