AEPF Announces Elk Check Off Program

January 8, 2016


HOWARD LAKE, MN- Plans for elk product marketing is off to a promising start in the new year.  The American Elk Products Foundation (AEPF) Board of Trustees has voted to create and implement a voluntary check off program to allow producers to support the foundation and its mission.  The program, referred to as the Elk Check Off, will serve as an ongoing fundraising initiative for the AEPF.

The AEPF was created in 2015 to increase the awareness and use of elk products among the general public in the United States. At the same time, the Canadian Elk Products Foundation was created to serve the same purpose for the public in Canada.  Though there are several fundraising plans in the works, including but not limiting to seeking federal grants for the promotion of agricultural products, the Elk Check Off is available for producers to contribute today.
Producers can choose to participate by donating approximately one percent of their sales of elk products to the AEPF. Those funds will be directly used to further the foundation’s mission in an effort to continue the growth of the elk industry for the foreseeable future.

The program is completely voluntary and will be based on the honor system. There is an Elk Check Off donation form that producers can access on the foundation’s website.  Producers can fill out the form based on the previous year’s sales and they will become a participating ranch or business in the Elk Check Off program.

All participating ranches and businesses will be listed on the AEPF website. In addition, these ranches can use the official Elk Check Off logo for that specific year on their advertising to show they are part of building the future.  Checks should be made payable to the AEPF and the money will deposited into the AEPF account.  Since AEPF is a registered 501 (c)(3) foundation, donations are tax deductible.  Donation receipts will be sent within three weeks for accounting records. 

During a recent board meeting of the AEPF, trustees said they were excited to see the program started. “This is a first step in allowing producers to donate what they can for this mission and work for these products,” trustee Rich Forrest told the board. “This foundation can do a lot but it needs to be supported. This avenue provides a great way for producers and even brokers and suppliers to be involved.”

Please visit for more information and a copy of the form.

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