NAEBA Officially Creates Elk Product Marketing Arms for Domestic Demand

December 7, 2015

The American Elk Products Foundation and Canadian Elk Products Foundation have officially made their debut in the industry. The two organizations were created by the North American Elk Breeders Association to serve as the marketing wings of NAEBA for the membership in the United States and Canada.

The American Elk Products Foundation (AEPF) and Canadian Elk Product Foundation (CEPF) have identical objectives to educate the public in the domestic use of elk products. The AEPF will focus on domestic supply and demand in the United States and the CEPF in Canada.

“This is something many of us have wanted to do for a while,” said Andy Azcarraga. Azcarraga is a second generation elk rancher in Colorado and serves as NAEBA’s vice-president.  “We know we need to focus more on making the public understand elk can be used a lot of ways in their daily lives.  Not just meat. It does no good to just tell our members, they already know.”  Azcarraga has been elected chairman of the AEPF. 

In August, the NAEBA Board of Directors voted to create both organizations in an official capacity. Both organizations are officially formed in their respective countries. AEPF has already been granted charter as a 501(c)(3) foundation.

NAEBA Executive Director Travis Lowe explained to the board that these two organizations would serve as the elk product marketing wings of NAEBA, as the Elk Research Council serves as the health research wing.

“Both the AEPF and CEPF will govern themselves by an advisory board of elk ranchers that have already proven to be innovative in developing markets in their local areas. These boards will be comprised of just those individuals, whether it be folks specializing in marketing elk meat, velvet capsules or dog chews.”

Ian Thorleifson offered a similar message before being elected chairman of the CEPF Board in their inaugural meeting this fall. “This is an important time as this group focuses solely on the marketing of elk products, “Thorleifson told the other five trustees. 

The AEPF and CEPF both have websites online at and, respectively. 

“We are excited,” Lowe continued. “NAEBA is here for the future and this is a step to make sure we have a sustainable price floor with domestic demand. But we need the supply from elk ranchers to continue breeding. It takes everyone working on all cylinders.” 

Azcarraga agreed, “Stay tuned for more information, we have a heck of a think tank with these two groups.”


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