Board of Director Nominations Open May 1- May 31

April 28, 2015

Board of Director Nominating Process

August 2014- The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee with an acting Chairperson that will seek candidates to fill any upcoming open Board of Directors seats. Present Charly Seale nominated Andy Azcarraga and Richard Garrels to serve as the co-chairmen.  

May 1, 2015- The first day nominations will be accepted. Nominations can only be made by members for candidates within their own region. Nominations must be mailed, faxed or sent via electronic mail to NAEBA office. Text messages will not be accepted.  The Nominating Chairman will announce vacancies and the candidate nomination process in the May edition of North American Elk journal. The announcement will list the eligibility requirements and expectations of board members.  The 2015 vacancies are as follows: Two open seats in Central (Greg Kenyon, Richard Garrels), Open seat in North Central (Brian Wagner), Open seat in Northeast (open), Two open seats in Northern (New region, both open), Two open seats in Western (Ken Anderson, Chad Lawler), Open seat in South (Charly Seale).

May 31, 2015- The deadline for candidate nominations to be submitted by the membership. No exceptions.

June 1, 2015- The Nominating Committee will collect the list of nominations. The committee will ensure each nomination meets the eligibility requirements and then ask if they choose to accept the nomination. They will ask each candidate to submit a biography profile to publish with the ballots and ask them each to agree to the list of expectations of board directors. The Committee will then have a list of candidates for the elections.

June 9, 2015- Last day nominees can submit their biographies to the NAEBA office. The newsletter will be printed after this date.  

July 1, 2015- The list of each candidate by region, along with their submitted biographies, will be published in the July NAEBA newsletter.

July 1, 2015- Each member will be mailed a marked ballot for their region’s election.  Printed copies of the candidates’ biographies will be included.  Only voting members on July 1, 2015 will receive a mail in ballot in the mail. New memberships or renewals that arrive after July 1, will be mailed a separate ballot.   Official ballots must be mailed and received by NAEBA office by July 25, 2015 or hand delivered to registration desk at NAEBA convention by 8:15am Central time on July 31, 2015.

July 25, 2015- Mail in ballots must be received at NAEBA office by this date. Ballots received after this date by mail will not be able to be counted in the vote count. No ballots will be issued after this date. No exceptions.  

Friday, July 31, 2015- Official sealed ballots will be accepted at the registration desk until 8:15am Central time. No ballots will be accepted after this time. No exceptions. The ballot counting committee will then calculate the votes. At the conclusion of the general membership meeting at the NAEBA Annual Convention approximately 9:50am Central time, the Nominating Committee chairmen will read the Nominations Report listing the candidates by region and the name of the member that nominated each one.  The general membership will be asked to vote to accept the Nominations Report. After approval, the Nominations Report shall be available to the membership upon request and shall be kept on file for the current year plus the past two years.  After the vote, the Nominating Committee chairmen will announce the winners of each election.  Since the Northern Region is a new region with two open seats, the seat terms will be staggered to ensure both seats do not expire in the same year in the future. After the winners are announced, the Nominating chairmen will randomly draw one of the two Northern winner’s name to hold their seat for a two year term. The other will be a three year term. The Northern seats will then expire in 2017 and 2018, respectively.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015
- The 2015-2016 Board of Directors will convene for the first time on Saturday morning to elect officers, appoint committee chairmen and consider any necessary board business.

Eligibility and Expectations of Candidates for the North American Elk Breeders Association Board of Directors

•    Candidates must be paid members in good standing by the first day of that calendar year in order to be eligible for nomination.


•    Time availability- The NAEBA Board of Directors meets frequently, at least monthly.  Average meeting time is 1.5-2 hours. Board meetings will take place via conference call, except when convened at NAEBA events.   Prior preparation reviewing agenda, minutes and supplemental materials is required.
•    Director feedback and active participation in discussion is expected during meetings and upon request via email.  
•    Basic knowledge and adherence of parliamentary procedure (Roberts Rules of Order).
•    Knowledge of NAEBA’s By-Laws and other organization rules is essential.
•    Attendance at NAEBA events and assistant to staff and program execution.
•    Regional directors serve as the liaison from their states/provinces to the NAEBA board. Regular contact between the respective state/provincial leadership is essential to ensure the membership is properly represented.
•    Encouraging stakeholders to join the association.  
•    Serve on at least one committee or task force.
•    Assist in completing NAEBA goals and programs.
•    Represent the organization and board of directors in a positive and professional manner.
•    Represent the organization at state/provincial meetings in your region if the executive director is unavailable.
•    Chairpersons of committees are expected to take ownership and complete their charge in a timely manner. 


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