Brakke Whitetail Deer Herd Depopulated

August 29, 2014

Samples Taken for Live CWD Test Research

Tom and Rhonda Brakke's whitetail herd  in Iowa was depopulated this week. The depopulation was by order of the herd plan signed by the Brakke's in order to receive the long awaited CWD indemnity from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Brakke's saw the depopulation as a research opportunity for the cervid industry.  A top priority of the farmed deer and elk industry is securing a live CWD test, but more samples are needed to prove accuracy.

During the depopulation, research samples were taken by Dr. Tracy Nichols from the USDA and Dr. Nicholas Haley of Kansas State University.  356 animals had samples taken for research purposes.

The American Cervid Alliance, Iowa Whitetail Deer Association and all cervid associations would like to thank the Brakke family for their continued support of the deer industry.  The unified cervid industry hopes this sacrifice will help preserve the future of the cervid industry.

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