NAEBA Appoints New Committees for 2014-2015

August 4, 2014

Committee Chairmen Asking for Volunteers from Membership

NAEBA President Charly Seale has appointed directors to chair committees for the next year.  NAEBA is requesting any association member that would like to help on any specific committee to let us know at  

Available committees and brief descriptions are listed below. Thank you!  

Awards- Chairman Chad Lawler
Responsible for announcing requests for award nominations in the spring, collecting nominations and naming recipients.  The chairman will order the awards to be ready for the next convention.  

By-Laws- Chairman Andy Azcarraga
Responsible for considering any suggested bylaws changes.  The committee can bring recommendations of proposed changes to the board of directors.  Meets as needed.  

Competition- Chairman Eric Mohlman
Responsible for overseeing the International Antler Competition and coordinating with the antler judges.  Responsibilities include helping ensure there is enough freezer space for velvet antler, answering competition questions and assisting with antler viewing setup at convention.

Convention- Chairman Travis Lowe
Responsible for the planning of the annual convention and working with the convention coordinator.  Members responsible for providing feedback on event schedule and venues for future locations.

Directory- Chairman Greg Kenyon
Committee members will bring ideas of what to be included in the new membership and service directory.  Requests of the information needed will be sent to the membership in November and the directory will be put together in February.   
Education- Chairman Rick Jensen
Committee will help update NAEBA’s literature by examining its old literature and other association’s models. New literature projects to start this month.  

Ethics- Chairman Andy Azcarraga
Committee will meet only if an ethics violation is filed to review the complaint.  

Government Relations- Co-Chairmen Charly Seale & Kim Kafka
This committee will stay in regular contact examining legislative and regulatory issues in states, provinces, USDA and CFIA.  

Industry Relations- Chairman Kim Kafka
This committee will stay in regular contact working to build relationships and alliances with related groups and associations.

Journal/Adverting- Chairman Eric Mohlman
This committee will work with the office staff to ensure advertising submitted by members for NAEBA’s publications and events meet the required guidelines.  

Marketing- Co-Chairmen Barry Chernuka and Chad Lawler
Provide quarterly updates of market recaps on trends and expectations for several elk markets across the United States and Canada

Registration/Purity- Co-Chairmen Brian Wagner and Greg Kenyon
This committee will work to address any registration concerns from the membership throughout the year.  

Winter Meeting- Chairman Brian Wagner
This committee will work with the staff providing feedback for event scheduling of the 2015 January Jamboree.


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