NAEBA Donates $7,500 To the Cervid Industry’s Public Education Program

May 23, 2014

Asks Members for Special Donations to help Fund Contribution

HOWARD LAKE, MN- The North American Elk Breeders Association has become a major supporter and contributor of the new cervid public education effort spearheaded by the American Cervid Alliance.  This educational initiative is intended to provide positive and accurate information about the cervid industry, using science as the mechanism to respond to the negative and inaccurate articles.  

Last week, the American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council voted to retain a reputable public relations firm from Washington DC that has a proven record of providing strong positive messaging to all major media outlets.  The NAEBA Board of Directors unanimously voted to allow the association to continue to show its commitment for all those states that are under relentless attacks from radical left wing animal rights groups and that have even joined forces with special interest groups, conservation and wildlife agencies.

NAEBA is requesting all their members to consider making a special donation designated to help fund NAEBA’s investment into preserving the industry.  “This is going to be an ongoing education campaign and it will take funds to support it,” said Kim Kafka, NAEBA President.  “If all of our members would donate just $50, $100 or $150 or whatever they can afford, it would go a long way to support this cause.”

Greg Kenyon, a board director representing NAEBA’s Central Region of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri, said his region has been under a continious attack from the media and accurate education is needed now more than ever.  “Over the last two years we have seen non-stop attacks in Missouri, Iowa and Indiana from editorials and news stories.  99% of it is completely false and we need to have our story told. We need the accurate facts out there for the public to read.”
NAEBA believes by adding positive op-eds based on accurate science and the positive merits of the farmed cervid industry; will only enhance the rising elk markets.  

These specific donations for the educational effort are tax deductible.  NAEBA and member donations will be collected by the Second Ark Foundation, a 501c3 organization and all donors will be listed in the November issue of the North American Elk magazine.


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