NAEBA Contributes to Next Keith Warren Chronic Wasting Disease Documentary

March 14, 2014

NAEBA Contributes to Next Keith Warren Chronic Wasting Disease Documentary
Keith Warren to Create another “Truth about CWD” Video

HOWARD LAKE, MN- On February 21, 2014, the NAEBA Directors convened in person at the 2014 February Fling in Iowa.  During their board meeting the directors decided to become involved with Keith Warren in creating the next documentary about Chronic Wasting Disease.  

Last year, Keith Warren, known for his television programs “The High Road with Keith Warren” and “Deer & Wildlife Stories”, created a documentary about the science behind Chronic Wasting Disease. The documentary, known as “The Truth about CWD”, featured basic known science of the origin of the disease according to several renowned wildlife biologists and experts.   

The first video, which was created by donations from the cervid industry, was praised for its approach to outline known science with the impacts Chronic Wasting Disease has had in North America. The video has been promoted heavily by deer and elk associations online and in DVD form.  

Keith Warren approached NAEBA President Kim Kafka regarding possible interest in the follow-up sequel video.  Kafka informed the NAEBA board of the opportunity. “We have someone willing to help inform the public about this disease. I’d like to see NAEBA rise to the occasion.”  After discussion, the NAEBA Board voted unanimously to contribute to the next video.

The next video is expected to be released later this year.



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