NAEBA Membership Drive! Recruit Members and Win Big!

October 28, 2013


NAEBA is offering a contest for the member that can recruit the most new members by the 2014 Convention


Who can participate? Any NAEBA Member

How does it work? NAEBA members can recruit elk breeders to join or re-join NAEBA.  When they sign up, make sure they note you referred them.  Members can sign up at, click about NAEBA, then click Join.  They can also contact the NAEBA office at 320-543-3665.

Who qualifies as new members?

-          Elk breeders that are new active members to NAEBA (must own elk) count as one point

-          Former NAEBA members that have not been active since 2011 or before, count as one point

-          Any new member who does not own elk or owns other deer species count as ½ point

When does the contest begin and end? November 1, 2013- July 30, 2014

When will the winners be announced? On Saturday night of the NAEBA Convention, August 2, 2014

Is there a minimum amount of points which needs to be achieved in order to be eligible to win a prize? Yes, to be eligible, a member must have no less than 5 accumulated points based on the point system.  The highest achiever will be considered the top winner, 2nd place to the second highest achiever, and 3rd place to the third highest. 

The top winner gets their choice from the following prizes, 2nd place chooses from the remaining prizes, and third place receives the final remaining prize.  


Choose From These Great Prizes!

Montana Mule Deer Hunt- Donated by Diamond K Ranch.  Five (5) day Mule Deer Hunt for two people, lodging and meals included, license not included.  Hunt will be for 2015.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunt- Donated by Ken & Sandy Branine. Pheasant hunt for three (3) people for three days of hunting.  Buyer will be responsible for lodging, meals, and licensing. 


Montana Prairie Dog Hunt- Donated by Diamond K Ranch. Four (4) day prairie dog hunt for 3 guns, no lodging or meals included. 

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