Missouri Elk Farmers Association Annual Meeting

Date: 02/08/14
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Columbia, MO

Contact Kevin Hinkebein @ 573-366-5846 or kevin.hinkebein@mo.usda.gov for more information.

Missouri Elk Farmers Association (MEFA)
Meeting Agenda- February 8, 2014
Opening Remarks –President – Joyce LaRue
Dr. Linda Hickam, MDA State Veterinary, Update on Rules and Regulations
Dr. Kent Hayden, MDA Veterinarian, Cervid Health Committee -Captive Cervid Work Group
Travis Lowe-Executive Director NAEBA -  Report on North American Elk Breeders Association and American Cervid Alliance
Treasurers Report-Kevin Hinkebein
MO State Fair 2013 Report- Ed Lenz,
New Business-    MO State Fair 2014, NAEBA Conference
 Old Business- update wapiti.net web page


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